Studio Rates and Information

Payment must be made 50% upfront and 50% upon completion via Venmo, Credit or Debit Card. For recording, a deposit of $200 plus %50 of your upfront payment must be paid 1 week before your session date. The deposit holds your date. It will be returned upon the completion of your last 50% payment.

Recording - $200 per 4 hour block

Mixing - $50 hourly

Studio Band Rate - $500 per 4 hour block (includes 5 musicians - Drums/Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Organ, Piano - plus basic overdubs of instruments listed)

Extra musicians available. Let us know what you need and we will provide you with additional rates.

Non Exclusive Riddims/Instrumentals - $100 per pre-recorded track (track list provided upon request) or re-recorded for $700 per 4 hour block includes mixing.

Custom Exclusive Riddims/Instrumentals - $700 per 4 hour block includes mixing. Additional musicians available if needed. Please let us know what you need.

Dub Remixes - $50 per song. Includes 3 versions plus HD video and editing.


How to send stems or tracks for mixing

All files must be labeled with the appropriate instruments (and take numbers if multiple takes are to be mixed.)

All files must be either 44K 24 bit or 44.1K 16 bit .wav files. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL OF YOUR FILES ARE THE SAME SAMPLE RATE. Files that are the wrong sample rate will play at slower speed or faster speed than intended. You can’t assume that we will know what your song is supposed to sound like.

All files must be sent via WeTransfer or Dropbox. Please don’t email files, we will not accept them.

All tracks must line up on 0 marker. For example, if you have a guitar solo in the middle of the song, you must include silence before and after the track so that when the tracks are loaded into a new session, the guitar solo lines up in the appropriate place.

If you are attending a mixing or remixing session and intend on bringing your tracks to the studio. Please have them on a hard drive or thumb drive. Hard drives must be formatted to MAC OS JOURNALED. PLEASE DO NOT BRING A WINDOWS FORMATTED DRIVE. IT WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY.

Please provide reference tracks on how you would like your mix to sound. Mixing is a complicated and subjective process. The end result is limitless and we want to ensure you are getting the sound that you want to hear. Send in your favorite tracks, albums or artists either on your hard drive, in your zip folders or as links through email. ‘

How to send stems for dub remixes

As listed above, please make sure stems/tracks line up on 0 marker, are the same sample rate.

Make sure any effects or mixing levels that you have in the original song are retained when you record your stems.

Example of Stem tracks: 1. All drums 2. All percussion 3. Rhythm guitar chops/organ bubbles/piano chops 4. Lead Organ 5. Lead Guitar 6. All horns 7. All vocal backups 8. Lead vocals

Dub remixing is an art form and should be treated as such. If you want the remixes to be a certain way, I will make them at the hourly mixing rate.